Auto Electrical Testers

  • Mini Car Air Compressor Pump Inflator with Red LED Emergency Light (DC 12V)
    $  0.00 $  39.99

    Features“Doh!” was quoted by Homer Simpson when he got a flat tire. It's a rather unpleasant commute to work when you get a flat tire. Being unprepared for this situation can cause a headache, especially when it starts to rain afterwards. Having to wait for a repair man can leave us stranded on the side of the road for hours. When the repair man finally shows up he can tend to work too slow and delay us even longer.Having a rechargeable tire pump is a great asset to any vehicle. Tires can tend to have slow leaks and our tires can become unexpectedly flat.  This device is great for both

  • Ignition System KV Quick Tester ADD760
    $  0.00 $  49.99

    Ignition System KV Quick Tester ADD760DescriptionThe KV Ignition system quick tester ADD 760 is designed to work on distributor and DIS systems, and it can quick measure KV value of the secondary ignition and compare peak kV, or verify the proper firing of the secondary ignition system.Quick tester battery Operated and easy to use, simply place the probe over the ignition wire.Each time the tester detects a spark firing, it will flash the Super Bright LED strobe indicating a spark-firing event with sufficient arc duration. Then press the button and the unit measures and displays peak kV on

  • WOYO PDR Light Paintless Automotive Dent Remove Repair Tool PDR Tool
    $  0.00 $  55

    WOYO PDR Light Paintless Automotive Dent Remove Repair Tools PDR ToolWOYO PDR Light Light Description:This light/reflection board is used to help operator easily repair the dent. By training part of the  auto body on the light, the distorted part will reflect where the dent is. It is suitable for light color car or highlight condition in particular. You can also adjust the color temperature by yourself. With LED display and three suckers, you would be clear about the exact color temperature and the repair work would be much easier.WOYO PDR LED Light APP1.WOYO PDR Light has two diiferent

  • Antifreeze/Battery Fluids Refractometer ADD501 Time Limit Promotion
    $  0.00 $  24.99

    Antifreeze/Battery Fluids Refractometer ADD501DescriptionTest the concentration of the battery fluidsAntifreeze liquid and cleaning fluidsIndicate freezing point for propylene and ethylene glycolCheck the strength of electrolyte solution batteriesSpecificationsRange Min Div AccuracyE:-90℉-32℉ 10℉ ±10℉E:-70℃-0℃ 5℃ ±5℃P:-70℉-32℉ 10℉ ±10℉P:-60℃-0℃ 5℃ ±5℃B:1.100sg-1.400sg 0.01sg

  • WOYO PDR007 Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool
    $  0.00 $  420

    WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair ToolWOYO PDR007 is a dent repair tool that use the principle of magnetic induction heating to its advantage.It can fix soft dents on metal surface in only 30 seconds.It is easy to use,any worker with a background in metal composition can master it in 3 minutes.WOYO PDR007 Features:1.WOYO PDR007 is easy to use,any worker with a back-ground in metal compasition can master it in three minutes.2.WOYO PDR007 can fix soft dents on metal surfaces in only thirty seconds3.Rapidly recoup their investment.In one case,a customer was able to recoup theire investment after

  • Original BST-100 BST100 Battery Tester with Portable Design
    $  0.00 $  39.99

    Original BST-100 BST100 Battery Tester with Portable Design BST-100 Battery Tester adopts currently the world's most advanced conductance testing technology to easily, quickly and accurately measure the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery, healthy state of the battery itself, and common fault of the vehicle starting system and charging system, which can help maintenance personnel to find the problem quickly and accurately, thus to achieve quick vehicle repair. BST-100 BST100 Battery Tester Features 1. Test all automotive cranking lead acid

  • MST-168 Portable 12V Digital Battery Analyzer with Powerful Function
    $  0.00 $  49

    MST-168 Digital Battery Analyzer Top 6 Reasons to Get MST-168: 1. Can quickly and accurately test performance indicators of the battery, such as internal resistance, cold starting current2. Built-in multi-standard: can easily measure different types of batteries3. Detect  real-time status of voltage changes when the car starts4. Monitor working status of charging system5. Test discharged battery. and make sure the battery if charge needed6. High PrecisionNotice: MST-168 Digital Battery Analyzer Only support English language and 12V battery test. MST168 Functions:

  • Auto Battery Analyzer Tester
    $  0.00 $  19.99

    Battery AnalyzerFeatures:Quickly test the battery's main specifications: IR, CCA, Voltgage.Able to test the condition of discharged battery .No heating and spark during the test, so that the analyzer can be protected well.Battery standard: 12V 100-999CCABattery Impedance Tester for 1 WET, AGM,FM, VRLA batteriesBattery Standards : SAE, EN, DIN and

  • 12V Car LED Battery Tester
    $  0.00 $  19.99

    12V Car LED Battery Tester12V Car LED Battery Tester Function: 1. Test for 12V batteries and charging system2. 6LEDs indicate the conditions of the batteries and the alternators3. With a megnatic board on the back side to fix on suitable metal sheet of car easily4. Easy 2 wire connection Packing including: 1pc x 12V Car LED Battery

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